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Ashcroft Capital Renovations

Repositioning, Rebranding, Recapturing Value

About Frank Roessler

Frank Roessler is a highly successful entrepreneur and real estate investment manager. He founded his firm, Ashcroft Capital, in 2015 and has been working diligently since then to grow and establish his business as one of the best in the industry. Frank is a graduate of Bucknell University and the Anderson School of Management at UCLA where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and MBA with a concentration in real estate and finance, respectively.

Ashcroft Capital is a full service investment firm that focuses primarily on multi-family complexes with over 150 units nationwide. Their mission is to preserve and grow investors’ capital though a conservative acquisition strategy and a hands-on asset management approach. As the founder and operations manager it is Frank’s responsibility to oversee acquisitions, ensure the proper management of properties, budgeting, and any other operational aspect that may arise. When Ashcroft Capital was founded it was a one man company with big dreams. Today Frank has multiple employees, manages over 7,733 apartment units and has a total portfolio valued at $700M. Frank is living proof that through hard work, diligence, and a firm understanding of the market that dreams are achievable for anyone not just the wealthy.

Frank Roessler was inspired to open his own firm by none other than his parents. Growing up in suburban Pennsylvania Frank watched his parents run their mom-and-pop pizza shop and as a result was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. It wasn’t until he began college that he knew he wanted to pursue a career in real estate and eventually run his own investment firm. After graduate school Frank interned for M&A Real Estate Partners to learn as much about the industry and running a business as was possible. He ended up accepting a position first as Acquisitions Associate and was later promoted to Asset Manager. Over the course of his time there he managed the investment portfolio that was valued at over $500,000,000 and managed expense auditing, staff management, financial reporting, and budgeting to name a few. In 2015 Frank decided it was finally time to pursue his career goals and founded Ashcroft Capital.

When Frank isn’t acquiring new investment properties, expanding his business, or managing properties he can often be found enjoying time outside. Frank views all time spent in nature time well spent and particularly enjoys hiking on trails near his home in New York, NY and further afield.


  • “Deal of the Year” Award from the Real Estate Board of Texas (REBTX)

  • Named one of the three new inductees to the Ethics Committee of REBNY
  • Named to the Executive Board of New York Residential Specialists (NYRS).